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15 Chic Decorated Living Rooms

What exactly does the word “Chic” mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it’s “stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind.” This word has grown and it also started to represent a way of living. Now, this word is especially popular as a term in the world of interior design. See our selection of 15 Chic Decorated Living Rooms that we are presenting in order to inspire you.


Most often Chic in interior design is a subtle form of a sophisticated décor with the right match of colors, patterns, textures and furniture in a specific, distinctive and unique order and touch. Chic often does not stand alone, since is not a totally formed style of decorating, so it always comes as a combination of other styles. When something is chic, it is noticeable! That is the spark of this way of decorating. Adding a chic feel in your living room is a matter of style and modern instinct.

Enjoy our examples of Chic Living Rooms!

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Vintage Chic


The play of perky and pastel colors, accents the light nature of this adorable vintage chic living room. These elements such as the pale blue sofa and wooden furniture sets up the contemporary signature of this chic and perky living room.

Urban Chic


This urban and kind of a charming living room has gained the characteristic Chic due to the sofas and modern decorative accents such as the white and silver table elements, which is a great example of how accessories and other decorative objects can completely change the concept of the living room.

Chic Painted Tiles


Tiles can be used in a variety of ways in furniture designed for inside and outside living. This is a good example of how could a contemporary living room be chic and inspiring.

Modern Chic Living Room


This spacious colorful living room is beautified by the colorful throw pillows and area carpet. Instead of hanging picture frames on the wall, using of unique shaped mirrors adds drama to the plain wall.

Colorful City Chic Living Room


The combination of white, red and black sure looks great in this living area. The sofa sure gives eccentricity to this one!

Living Room Modern Ideal Home


This amazing folding screen fits perfectly in any modern home décor as a screen room divider and it matches perfectly with these contemporary gold chandeliers, wooden center tables and colorful velvet sofas.

Exotic Ambience in Living Room


The interior radiates formal ambiance followed by subtle chic touch regarding to the statement leopard print pillows and some coffee and side tables in metal.

Essential Part of an Ideal Home


Since most of the room is white and black, the sofa and the chest give life to this immaculate room.

Traditional Chic Living Room


Here is a great example of traditional meets chic. The formal furniture arrangement breaks through with a distinctive color palette and statement artwork has added the chic feel to this gorgeous living room.

Original Chic Living Room


What can be more creative? The perfect combination of gold and silver, with matching pretty lamp suspension and an eye-catching side table because of its originality.

Bold Tone

chesterfield sofa interior design cabin Outdoor -

The sectional velvet sofa adds a bold and chic touch to this room. The metal elements contrasting with this powerful green provide this living room a sophisticated and chic appearance.

Light Brown Modern Chic Living Room


The touch of delicate flowers creates a fresh and dreamy ambiance in this gorgeous chic living room with outstanding style and appearance. The two side tables with silver finish and royalty mirror set a classy and chic accent in this beautiful living room.

Monochrome Chic


The dominance of cold shades of grey sparkles in this monochrome chic living room with Christmas thematics. The statement silver table with an elegant nature stands out in this living room and sets up the distinctive style adapting with the classy chic grey sofa.

Feminine Chic Decorated Living Rooms


This spacious white and blue living room is beautified by the velvet of the sofa and golden elements. Instead of hanging picture frames on the wall, using of unique faces expressions adds drama to the plain wall.

Accent Décor of a Contemporary Living Room


This is a room we want to feature, aside from its classy sofa, the accent décor is really pretty because of the contemporary feel to it.

That was our 15 Chic Decorated Living Rooms for your perusal. Hope you like them!

Please give us your feedback and keep an eye out for more interior design ideas.

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