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15 Splendid Examples of Circular Ottoman Coffee Tables



For a fresh new star, 15 ideas for a re-decoration to your living room with a nice circular Ottoman Coffee Table.


We are now in the second month of the year which does not necessarily mean you can´t have a fresh new beginning. If you are looking forward to a re-decoration of your living room, get inspired by 15 splendid examples of how circular coffee tables can fit perfectly in your home.



Having a cup of coffee at the end of the day can become very classy if you do it in the right place. This contemporary living room makes us want to reschedule our office meetings and stay right here around one of these circular ottoman coffee tables that can also become a storage place as you are able to actually store things inside it.



On a totally different style, we now enter a fairytale, those that we can see only in movies. The luxury furniture makes this a charming design inspiration to your own living room. Can you imagine arriving to this at the end of the day?



A Mid-Century Modern shows us a leather ottoman coffee table. Here we feel as if we are in an open space inside a modern home interior living room, where luxury furniture is the master piece.



Another suggestion goes to Laura Boisvert´s contemporary living room where the color of the ottomans, turquoise, transforms this place into a much pleasant and cheerful one.


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Speaking about bright colours and how they can change a place completely, take a look at Martha O´Hara´s idea of a bright space that makes us feel like we are about to enter a different dimension.



And, of course, when thinking about bright colours and the will to take risks, Eden Coffee Leaf from Boca do Lobo comes right to our mind and also gives us some hints on how to re-decorate our place.



The next idea we chose mixes a variety of different materials on the luxury furniture that complements the living room. And, in this case, you can either choose to put something on top of this coffee table or you can also decide to sit there, as it is two in one.



Speaking about variety and taking some risks, we now present you the place where all of us would love to be at. But don´t get mistaken by this name. It´s an exquisite neat and clean indoor space and where the ottoman coffee table is used as a magazine support.



To a more classy and wooden kind of contemporary living room, this one is a nice place to spend a winter afternoon inside it and a good way to make a good use out of it´s coffee table.



Fascinating and neat, this living room makes us feel peaceful. This coffee table becomes a good idea for an ideal place to put a flower vase on top.



If you like open-spaces then this contemporary interior is for you. It has so much light that it´s almost as if we are outside in the sun.



The dark blue color and a tufted design transform the circular ottoman coffee table in this living room along with the huge bookshelves that takes us back to the library’s where we once studied. Here you can travel while you read without having to move.



A sitting area with a background becomes traditional when we are speaking about people that usually like to hunt. Tradition is also seen by the colours of this living room´s luxury furniture, taking us to a countryside spirit.




The last three splendid ideas go for the bright colours on the ottoman circular coffee tables and for more neutral strains on the rest of the luxury furniture on their living rooms.


Each one of the suggestions here made make us want to start planning the re-decoration of our own living rooms. We´ve already started. Have you?


You can also get inspired at our Pinterest page.

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