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8 Ways Your Books Can Be A Perfect Décor For Your Coffee Table

The coffee table, this glamorous, oversized piece of furniture, is designed for lovers of art and design. The outlook of the coffee tables are quite important, the same as by what details they are surrounded. If your goal is to make the coffee table brighter, just add some interesting details that your guests will like.

But, the magazines fans know, the best is always better. Instead of hiding your books on bookshelves, where they may never be read again, consider one of these eight ways to decorate your coffee table with them.

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With the same structural direction, will be totally different result: grouping books on a coffee table together will look great – and you can even put them in a certain geometric order for a more complete look.

Above the books you can place flowers and other things, but from the beginning you need: 1) find old books 2) put them in the specific shape; 3) start placing them together; 4) place a small mirror on top – to give a modern style 5) you have a coffee table – you can start!

Books with multi-colored covers will look great on a glass coffee table and, moreover, they can be put in two levels, both from below and from the top of the table.

Why not focus on black and white colors, accessories and books in this color will look great on the marble table.

coffee table

Flowers, statutes, vases, dry bouquets or leaves together with books on a coffee table will bring to your living room a bright and fresh look. Experiment with vases and pots, try using bowls made of natural wood. Also change these decorations depending on the season.

Place on the coffee table an additional light source together with small details, books in two tiers will look very bright. It can be candles (and they can also be combined in different ways, for example, to place candles of different shapes and sizes in glass or plastic containers), a table lamp or a retro lantern with glass walls.

Vary the sizes and colors of items on the coffee table, so as to observe the balance of large, medium and small sizes – a little bit of everything. Only then the surface will get a harmonious look and will not look littered. Remember that the variety of accessories should be carefully thought out as well as the amount and color of the books on the table.

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