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Choose The Ideal Side Table For Your Living Room

Many people perceive a side table as being a piece of furniture where you can keep useful objects such as car keys or cell phone while you sleep. What if I say that there’s more to it than just that?

It’s also a piece of art, a way of expressing yourself and a lot more to say that I would not have the time to say it all! That’s why I’m going to help you choose the best table according to your tastes and then you can see for yourself!



Side tables are a way of improving the room layout of any area. Have in mind its aesthetics, its function inside the space and how many years you’re going to include in your home when the time of buying one comes!


Let’s get to some practices:

Height: it matters! Take notice to its height to not exceed the top of the nearby furniture (for example sofas). In the case of sofas, 1 or 2 inches below is the perfect “altitude” for your side tables because in that way you will transform your place into a pleasant one to be in!


Width: in this topic, you have to consider two things: the space where you are going to put the piece and the use of the surface. Let’s focus on space. If space is not a problem there are a lot of possibilities; in this case, choose one that balances with the rest of the room. If you don’t have much space: measuring becomes essential and have a breathing room on each side of the table (few inches are ok)


Surface: will you put anything on top of it? If you are, and when the moment of buying comes, the choice will become easier!


Now for the tips!

If you plan to store things, why not think of a table with, at least, one drawer in it? Also, if you plan to put books in there, why not one table with a shelf?


Have a little break and have a go with this article!: 8 Creative Ideas For Your Side Table



Gonna use the board for holding drinks?? Glass or a stone structure will do it! For small areas, have in mind the use of a stacking tables, which are great to create spaces and use them!


A board with a metal structure is great for showing the beauty of metal in a way that improves your room design! Getting another side table implicates having the same metal in it. However, you can mix it with the other metal objects within the same area!


Bonus tip: don’t be afraid of mixing wood and glass, whether on the same side table (as you can see here) or with 2 tables with these two materials!


Mix shapes! Put a round table next to a squared one of the same material! Also very important: add fun, in the sense of using an unexpected element to give a boost of originality and creativity!


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But at the end, there’s an important thing to say: If you see the perfect side table for you and your room then ignore what I just said throughout this article!! That’s right: DO WHAT YOU LIKE!


Now that you finished reading, have another go at this article!: Stylish Coffee Table By Davide G. Aquini

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