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Small side tables by Richard Yasmine

All the attention today goes to small side tables by Richard Yasmine and its unique design. Richard Yasmine is an architect and product designer based in Beirut, that believes design should be simple, bold, and straightforward with a touch of fantasy, while incorporating a fresh approach that nonetheless sticks to culture and traditional aspects.

small side tables

Inspired by the simple shape of a nail, Clou is a collection of side tables by Richard Yasmine. A nail or “Clou” in French is an extended metallic piece used to connect two objects to each other.

small side tables

It consists of a flat end, sometimes enlarged, called a header and a body usually ending with a pointed shape. The concept of “clou” is to use the whole entity as a side table.

“Clou” is available in two different materials, composed of a flat surface or a header, forming the table top and a pointed ending pyramid which creates the bottom.

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The edition consists of a table made from Pentelic or treated steel, each forming the shape of an exaggerated flat header and body, connected to a pedestal made from the same material.

The table tops and bases can also be mixed and matched to suit, or even used as a oversized sculptural nail laying on the floor.

small side tables

“The table reflects double symbolism – sadism and alliance. When the nail is forced to penetrate the base, part of its body is buried in the second material. Once done, the two elements are now attached – regardless the pain, they become one.”

This nail shaped side table can be really practical and can be either a decorative detail or a special place to put you belongings.

Blackout outline is one of the perfect styles for you black and white room design.

small side tables

The close up details in the middle of the table play an important role in holding the center of this table in the balanced order.

small side tables

We hope you liked this article and our information was really practical and inspiring for your future design choices.

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