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10 Original Coffee Table Designs that will Blow your Mind

Coffee and Side Tables Blog is going to show you 10 original coffee table designs that are will blow your mind! Well, it isn’t just their physical design that is original but also the way they function. Take a look and be amazed!

table designs

The Cassette Table is hand crafted with hardwood featuring stainless steel cup holders and it house LED lights & rechargeable lithium battery to spice up your party. The front shelf, which is protected by a magnetically clasped wooden tape-run, offers a practical storage space for remotes and magazines.

table designs

With this table, it will certainly give your space a nostalgic look. Want to see more chairs that will make you look back at the past? Check out our collection of retro furniture to give your home a 70s feel.

Table designs

The Sobro coffee table convenience and style to any home. It comes with a tempered glass top, touch controls, Bluetooth speakers, USB / 12V charging ports and a refrigerator.

Table designs

With Sobro, life is indeed a little simpler.

table designs

Starry Sea is a concept table of sea by Alexander Chapelin, where you can see the stars and sea.

This table could be connected to the wifi system and it has LED light as well. It comes with a remote control which will give you full control of how it can be illuminated in different colors.

table designs

Ripple Effect Tea Table – This is an interesting table design wherein a ripple effect can be seen on its tabletop you put something on it.

See also: The nostalgia-inducing Rocket Coffee Table by Sterios Moussaris

Elipse Coffee Table: This is equal parts creepy and modern, with the suspended-look!

Inspired by the Christopher Nolan film Inception, this table is a well balanced mixture of wood, steel and 3D printed technology. A limited edition piece, by Stelios Mousaris.

table designs

It’s like Transformers and a Rubik’s Cube had a baby and it wanted to be a piece of furniture, but somewhere along the line, it got magnetized so the pieces are doomed for all eternity to never touch one another.

table designs

The Float Table’s predicament bodes well for anyone who wants a unique end table, though. A series of steel cables keep each of the 64 cubes that comprise the total structure in place and allow you to mold it into other forms. The cubes are made of PVC, magnets and “secrets”.table designs

This is the best idea for a winter retreat or mountain hideaway. Offering a simple and cozy design, you will enjoy resting your hot cocoa on top.

table designs

The Ultra High-Tech Coffee Table IOne of the coolest items I’ve seen lately is definitely the Hammacher Schlemmer’s coffee table which incorporates a functional 32 inch Windows 8 computer.

table designs

Samsung Zipel Wine Refrigerator Table – Designed by Lee Yongwoo, this coffee table allows you to store your fruit, wine, and other beverage in perfect cooling temperature. This way, you don’t need to get them from the kitchen or wine cellar.

table designs

The shape itself was inspired by a grand piano, a huge classical piano that often used in an orchestra. Just open the top, show your wines to your guest and let them choose. This table will look amazing in the living room!

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