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The Stuning Glass Coffee Tables by Sebastian Scherer

The German designer Sebastian Scherer has created a series of tables called Isom. These stunning glass coffee tables are made using sheets of colored glass that help create the tesselating final effect. A gorgeous optical experience is created when the saturated color in the glass contrast with the geometric lines that comprise the table.


The Stuning Glass Coffee Tables by Sebastian Scherer

Th Isom tables are made in sheets of blue, green, grey and bronze glass. Every table has a hexagon-shaped top that is supported by three pieces of rectangular vertical glass.


The Stuning Glass Coffee Tables by Sebastian Scherer

When observed from the top the table appears to form rhombuses due to the edges of the base pieces.


The Stuning Glass Coffee Tables by Sebastian Scherer

If you move around the glass tables the translucent layers overlap each other creating a more opaque color, giving the table more intensity.


The Isom tables can be found in two different sizes.


These tables allow you to explore your imagination. If you use different colors you can create a unique pattern, you can even get creative with the disposition of the table on the floor.


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Using several tables with different sizes but the same color will create a dynamic view with a more vivid color.


Some tables can even be found with a mixture of the glass coloring forming a challenging visual impact.


Sebastian Scherer aims to express the individuality and functionality with his designs.



Decoding the forms, functions, and materials, reassembling them all in a new and unique object. Isom tables are a perfect example of his work.


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