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The Nu Wa Story Told by Coffee and Side Tables

Ladies and gentleman, today I am going to tell you a story about Coffee and Side Tables, or better, Nu Wa Story is going to be told by Coffee and Side Tables by the Eden series.

Long time ago,, the goddess Nu Wa decided it should be beautiful and peaceful. And so she went to work, creating trees and blooming flowers, graceful birds, gentle animals, calm blue seas and majestic mountains.

When Nu Wa had completed her work, and then she realized she wished to share this with someone. Nu Wa knelt in the mud by the sea and began to sculpt.

She sculpt a figure that looked like her, except that she made it with legs, not a scaly serpent’s tail like her own.

So pleased was she with this creature, she soon made another, and another, men and women. And the world grew, and the people sang and danced, celebrating their world, giving thanks to Nu Wa, their creator.

One day the god of water and the god of fire turned into a fight. They both were strong and powerful, and the Earth trembled as their fury grew.

Before long, they took their fight to the heavens, which soon the world shook so hard, the pillar that held heaven began to crumble.

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The sky cracked open, and there was chaos everywhere.

And both gods sent angry creatures to bring more harm still. Monstrous dragons, snakes and huge flying birds filled the world, leaping out of the tear in the sky, speeding toward Earth.

The humans began to shake with fear. They prayed for Nu Wa.

Nu Wa understood that if she did not intervene, all she had created could be lost.

When she opened her eyes and saw the tear in the sky, she knew she must repair this first. Again she went to the world to find the tools that would mend.

She gathered stones of many colors.  These beautiful exclusive design luxury coffee tables finished in polished brass, and a special textured surface. She patched the hole there. And the people cheered not only because the hole was patched but because Eden series was the Coffee and Side Tables best furniture designs they ever saw.

With the world returned to its beauty and peace, the people rejoiced and kept staring at this amazing Coffee and Side Tables furniture design . Once again the goddess who had made them had given them new life, and no one has ever forgotten.

And now we can remember about this amazing story contemplating the Eden Coffee and Side Tables.

The Nu Wa Story Told by Coffee and Side Tables

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