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Best Ways To Style A Bedside Table

Good bedside table styling is two-fold. First comes the art of deciding what essentials you want on display and which ones you want to leave.

Do you opt for beautiful packaging for your lip balm and face cream so they can be proudly out all the time? Or, does that feel excessive, and you instead love the comfort and ease of shoving anything you don’t want out in the open into a drawer or basket? Once you’ve decided what you want to leave out as part of your bedside scene, we are onto what type of bedside table style best suits you and your bedroom design and the best ways to decor it.

This table reflects the minimal bedroom style. We like that the side table is functional for both the chair and bed.

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This bedroom furniture features a vintage typewriter nightstand. We love how it’s being repurposed, but also with its flip-up sides it totally makes sense in its current iteration. The original patina matches the slightly moody feel of her room as well.

bedside tables

There aren’t a lot of room for bedside tables in this Vancouver home, so the owners cleverly opted for bedside shelves instead. Keeping the floor free allows for less physical and visual space to be taken up by an actual table, and they’ve matched them to the wall and bedding color to blend them in even more.

A vintage medicine cabinet offers ample bedside storage. If you have space, it’s a luxury to have something to put your laptop on, have room for plants or flowers, and have drawers for anything you could possibly need in bed.

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