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Take Your Living Room Luxurious Design To The Next Level

Today at Coffee and Side Tables we will talk about the jewel in the crown of every house interior design, the living room.

The ultimate indicator of a luxury lifestyle is an opulent interior. This type of design can only be created with the highest class and quality materials, and it certainly means to spare no expense. If you have an interior design project coming up and would like to create an exquisite and eye-catching environment for your client, today’s your lucky day.

To create an opulent and luxurious living room, the details on the furniture should include pleating and tufting. In other words, you should opt for luxury furniture that includes a fancier and more ornamental finish.  So no Ikea for today. The luxury design is often connected with metallic shininess. Metals have this empowering visual that bring a whole new level to an interior design, so make sure to play with them. Oversized fixtures also play an important role in creating opulence, and there’s no way you can forget about them in your next project.


If you’re still struggling to understand the key to opulent design, today we selected a few living room ideas from expert luxury brands to help you find the right inspiration. Take a look below.

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Creating a luxurious interior is a challenge for many designers because it consists of a much more complex and time-consuming process than when opting for a minimal design. Hope these projects managed to inspire you and help you understand the perks of opulent interiors. And please, make sure to play with patterns and add sparkling lighting designs.

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