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20 Best Round Coffee and Side Tables For Cozy Feasting

A coffee table is just as much decorative as it is functional, so it’s important to choose carefully what is displayed on the table. Today I’ll show you my favourite round coffee and side tables. They’re perfect for a cozy feasting!

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Coffee tables don’t often drive the design of a room, but they can be a statement piece instead of an afterthought. Equally important as the style you choose, the shape and proportion of your coffee table will make sure it’s a functional team player in your luxury living room.

Choosing the shape will depend on your preference.  It is important to consider how you will use the coffee table before picking the shape of the table.

Here are 20 standouts to help start your search.

Have a small or round top coffee table in front of two smaller chairs or a small love seat. Round coffee tables are ideal if you have children around because they do not have sharp edges. They are softer to look at and easier to squeeze into smaller spaces.

If you intend to use the coffee table as an accent piece, choose a coffee table that will attract attention. Modern coffee tables are made of a mixture of materials. Your choices range from lacquer finishes, crocodile lacquer finishes, concrete, tempered glass, and wood.

Think about the shape of your contemporary living room, this will help determine the best shape coffee table for the area. A round coffee table may be needed to fill a large square space.

The modern coffee tables may not be as ornate as the traditional tables, but even with a minimalist design, they command attention. So make a wise choice for this purpose. Make it more striking by putting a nice flower arrangement or a piece of sculpture on top. When choosing the size, think of the sofa you will pair with the coffee table. A longer contemporary sofa needs a longer coffee table. It should have a comfortable height so it will not be difficult to reach the items on top of it.   

If the finishes in your home are already quite dark, introduce something in a contrasting colour or finish to help ‘lift’ the space. For example, if you have dark flooring, avoid a heavy, dark coloured coffee table.

Always choose a coffee table that serves your purpose well and one that fits in with the whole living room design. This is the only way you can feel happy and proud with your purchase!

That was our suggestions of 20 amazing examples of exclusive furniture ideas for your luxury living room. Did you like this stunning round coffee tables?

Please give us your feedback and keep an eye out for more interior design ideas.

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