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Home Decorating Ideas With Vintage Coffee and Side Tables

Adding a few one-of-a-kind pieces to our homes are what make our spaces unique. And what’s more original than vintage? If you are a vintage furniture lover, then you must see these awesome vintage coffee and side tables.

Finding these secondhand elements to complete our rooms isn’t always so easy. Although it’s fun on the occasion, the though of waking up at the crack of dawn every weekend to hit up local auctions and flea markets is daunting.

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The beauty of vintage is that it can allow you to incorporate the trends of past eras and blend them seamlessly with more modern pieces without looking out of place.  Decorating your home in a vintage style doesn’t necessarily mean that every item in your house must be an antique either.  All it takes is the addition of a few well placed vintage items to bring a unique style to your home.   

Coffee and side tables can be made out of many different vintage things. You can always find old vintage doors in your basement or old windows. If you are a little bit crafty you can make for yourself very interesting shabby chic coffee table.

We compiled the best vintage furniture that will help you get inspired. Take a look!

 You can paint them and you will get lovely coffee table.

Also you can make coffee table out of vintage crates.

Keep it Simple Yet Elegant  

Central to creating an art deco style is the furniture and accessories.  For the larger items stick to the monochrome color scheme but make sure they have texture or detailing to provide a bit of interest. 

Let’s say you really want your home to be filled with attractive deco object but still have the illusion of space. Just use an eye-catching coffee table.

For a living room consider using a white embossed wallpaper featuring an intricate pattern, this will help to add depth to the room.

If you prefer your home to be a calm sanctuary that still exudes vintage charm the art deco style could be the perfect option.

With the accessories, you can really go to town and add that splash of glamour.

Introducing sporadic elements into the design gives an element of spontaneity whilst still capturing the specific feeling of vintage charm.   

The muted monochromatic palette mixed with unrefined woods, textured finishes and vintage finds,  looks quite serenity.

Keep a look out for pieces which look like they have a rich and wonderful past and ignite your imagination to contemplate times gone by.  

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”. Nate Berkus

The main feature of art deco was simple monochrome but with beautiful intricate details.

Beautiful vintage paintings are a great way to capture a certain feeling or emotion and can be used to create a focal point within a room. 

I really hope you liked our article of inspiring vintage style ideas. Please give us your feedback!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for creative and out of ordinary interior design ideas!

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