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10 Side Table Designs You Can Find at Architectural Digest Design Show


Architectural Digest Design Show is around the corner and, today, we want to show you 10 Side Table designs created by designers that will be there this year in New York!


From Boca Do Lobo we will have 3 top side tables.One is the Eden Side Table , influenced by trees and flora, with a unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen. A beautiful piece for the best interior design.


The Lapiaz side table will also be there for a modern living room design. It boasts elegance and discerning taste.


The Lapiaz side table features a minimalist geometric exterior surface, which by contrast is met with an organic and rich inside. The perfect design inspiration for your modern living room.



Paying tribute to one of the era’s greatest painters, the Monet side table is a sophisticated furniture piece with a modern design twist.

The Monet is an exclusive furniture piece that stands out in a house interior design.

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A beautiful and classical side table that you can have inside a modern living room by Ave Home.


This next one is called MECCA side table, from Brabbu. With brass columns that resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques. MECCA side table will enhance your house interior design.

It will liven up your modern living room rituals of living, resting and receiving your guests.

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This side table is from Bones Studio.

Versatile Bloom side table has the unique ability to bring sophistication to a casual spaces, yet add whimsy to a modern living room.



This Handmade metallic side table is from Cocobolo Design. Another design inspiration by Cocobolo Design that will be at the Architectural Digest Design Show.



The Gibbous Side table is built out of bent plywood, veneer, and Corian and is vailable in a wide variety of color combinations for a modern living room.



Carved from the trunks of coffee shade trees which are brought down by the carvers at the request of the farmers when they become overgrown, this side table brings artisans and agriculture together to enrich one another.


Curlycue by sachaGRACE is  is exquisite as a standalone piece or can be arranged in groups of three to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Coils of reclaimed metal are reimagined as art and spring to life creating an industrial-meets-indulgent design.

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