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Beautiful Coffee Tables for a Cocktail Dinner

Are you planning to gather all your friends around a fabulous coffee table on a fancy dinner in your living room?

Then we have for you some suggestions for exquisite coffee table designs for a fabulous cocktail dinner.

modern side tables Top Glass Modern Side Tables For Your Living Room icons get price 300x54

There are plenty of interior design styles that can give you fantastic cocktail party ideas.

modern side tables Top Glass Modern Side Tables For Your Living Room icons get price 300x54

The first suggestion brings us Eden Series by Boca do Lobo. Like anything seen before, the Eden Series is perfect for a modern house design.

modern side tables Top Glass Modern Side Tables For Your Living Room icons get price 300x54

Their organic shape and texture is influenced by trees and flora, with their unique form achieved through several manual processes delivered by an experienced team of craftsmen.

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This coffee table is inspired by the delicate, crustal-clear clarity of a teardrop. Tears by Koket is a striking combination of shaped glass and metal and its name takes a double meaning when the tear-shaped top swivels out to become a Tiered coffee table.A Fabulous cocktail party idea for a modern interior design.

This exquisitely proportioned coffee table offers a light, sophisticated complement to any conversation group.Gathering your friends around this one can only transform the get together into an unique and fabulous moment. Your living room is the perfect place to have this coffee table.

We now stumble upon this square coffee table that was designed with book collectors in mind.If you really want to make an impression, try to place it inside your living room the next time you plan a cocktail dinner.

A fusion between the traditional and modern design, this fabulous design inspiration features a traditional mahogany top.It´s gracious size offers the perfect surface for entertaining inside a modern living room.

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 If you are looking for a little refined elegance inside your modern house design, then this cocktail table is exactly what you want.Gather around two or three people around it and you are sure to have a small, yet fantastic, cocktail dinner in your living room.

This design inspiration has a pleasing soft rectangular shape with rounded corners and modern mix of wood and glass.A lower glass shelf for artfully displaying design books completes this coffee table idea.

Chic and artistic cocktail party ideas are always a good way to impress all your friends.This coffee table brings us a modern design inspiration. A round coffee table always transforms a living room.

Chose metal to a gorgeous coffee table design inspiration.It will certainly bring a new life to your modern house design and you will be able to organize the best cocktail dinner party inside your living room.

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