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Must-Have Coffee Table Books by Assouline

Assouline arrives as a top luxury brand on culture that wants to bring us something unexcpected.

This brand loves and believes in books more than everything else , but also wants to create a chic and personalized library that offers beautiful books and special editions to luxury gift items and unique library accessories .

Assouline believes that books are a solid part of our past and present.

Each one of them inspires us in a different way and for different reasons. Every time we pick one to read, we never know what kind of influence it will have then and after.

A world wide book shop brand, Assouline considers books to be a matter of intellect and emotion, heritage and innovation.

Some of Assouline´s must-have books were photographed at Covet House, where some pieces of the most prestigious portuguese luxury furniture brands are.

Collectors Book is also a fabulous creating that will certainly inspire you on a completely new and original modern interior design. 

It´s the ultimate Design Bible. An exquisite Catalogue with more than 1000 illustrated products and 1250 inspirations.

Very practical, it is divided in all product categories and technical information needed to create upcoming interior design projects.

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Creative tables is the name of one of the must-have books regarding table design inspiration available at Assouline.

Rose Fournier, the author of this book, loves creative and transformative table decoration.

She believes that the menu we choose for a particular meal has a tremendous influence on the decor of the table we use.

Rose Fournier´s big passion for travelling , cooking and decorating transforms her creations into very creative ones.

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Dinner Diaries is the name of one more must-have books that you will find at Assouline.

Written by Daniel Cappello, Dinner Diaries arrives to tell us everything we want to know about dinner parties, from preferred seating arrangements to the best conversation topics.

Born from a collaboration of Chara Schreyer & Gary Hutton, Art House takes readers on a breathtaking visual tour of stunning places.


Coco Chanel revolutionized the lifestyle of her time by inventing a modern concept of luxury.

These are only some of the must-have coffee table books that you can find at this amazing book shop that you can find not only online but also in places like New York, Mexico and Peru.


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