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10 Stylish Ideas About What To Put On Your Coffee and Side Tables

If you have a great coffee or side table but you don’t know how to decorate it, this is the perfect place for you. Here you can find 10 stylish ideas about what to put on top of your coffee and side tables. Don’t miss anything, and if you have nice suggestions you are welcome to comment below.


Choose a set of beautiful ans sophisticated books to put on top of your coffee or side tables. This will make your entire room look more interesting and you can always at any time, take one of this books, relax and read it.


Flowers are always a good idea. You can choose any flower and any color that will look the best in your sitting room, chose a simple vase and voila: it makes all the difference. A simple detail such as putting flowers on top of your coffee or side table will give life to the entire room.

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Who doesn’t love snacks? Invite your family and friends over for some fun and relaxing time, put some snacks on your coffee or side tables and you will have the perfect evening. You can also serve some wine and your guests will love it.


If you are the master of hospitality, you probably already thought about this idea. This is very simple, just put some coffee or tea cups on your coffee or side table, and offer the drinks every time you have guests over. But attention, it’s important to choose a beautiful set of cups matching your sitting room because they will serve also as decoration.


This might seem a weird idea, but the truth is that having trays on top of your coffee or side table can be very stylish. The trick here is to choose a very adequate tray, which matches perfect with the environment of your sitting room.

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No, this idea is not only for smokers. Actually, this idea is not for smokers at all. Choose unique ashtrays for your coffee or side table but don’t use them for ash. You should use them simply as stylish decoration and pieces of art. If you look for it, you will see that it’s not difficult to find a big variety of different, unique and very stylish ashtrays.


This is another magnificent detail that can make so much difference. A beautiful and easy touch such as choosing some brass boxes for your coffee or side tables can be an amazing addition to the decoration of your table.

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This is simply an amazing addition and it can be super stylish in your coffee or side table. Choose your table lamp very well and if possible get a statement lamp which will call for the attention of the entire dining room. Here we give you an idea of one brilliant table lamp from Boca do Lobo.


Candles are always a good idea. You can choose very big statement candles and it will look very stylish in your coffee or side table and they can also smell very good. Besides, if you light them up it will create a very nice environment in your sitting room.


coffee and side table

Finally, air fresheners are the best of two worlds: an amazing decoration and they also smell vert good.

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