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10 Creative Lamps To Have In Your Side Table

We all have a side table next to our bed and usually the most useful thing we can have next to us is a lamp. Having a lamp on top of our side table is useful for multiple reasons, either you are a night reader or you are one of those who love to go to sleep with a warmer cozy light. For these reasons, we present you today several ideas of very creative lamps to have on your side table, which can be not just useful but also fun.


Feel is a table lamp, but actually, it can also be a modern bedside table lamp. It can be elegantly used in your living room as sophisticatedly in your bedroom. Handcrafted by Boca do Lobo, Feel is an exclusive lamp covered with silver leaf, the shade is silk and the base is polished stainless steel.


Feel lamps allude to mineral forms and natural materials to produce sculptural pieces. Highly decorative, Feel’s lamps base is available in emerald, lapis, amethyst or citrine.

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This lamp is very simple but it’s still a very creative lamp. It is perfect for that summer house and to light up those summer romances.


If you are a Charlie Chaplin fan, you will definitely love this lamp. This is side table lamp which is basically the Chaplin’s hat with light.


It is a very creative lamp to have next to you and remember every night those great laughs from all the Charlie Chaplin movies.

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Tribeca is considered the best place to live in New York and is one of America’s most fashionable and desirable neighborhoods. To pay tribute to this place, Boca do Lobo created Tribeca creative lamp.

With its geometric form and classic size, Tribeca is the perfect addition to any modern décor, easily converted from a table lamp to a bedside lamp. The form is complemented by the elegant compositions in several possible and desirable ways through the simple dislocation of the pieces that compose it.

creative lamp

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These lamps are very simple and look very light but their design is still amazing, which makes them very creative lamps.


Another very creative lamp: this time, the lamp we present is for those who love action movies and action stories. This lamp looks like an explosion, be ready to have dreams with a lot of action.


This side table creative lamp is not for everybody. But if you love very different things, you will love this crazy and artistic lamp.

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