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10 Interesting Alternatives To Your Bed Side Table

The bedroom is our most private room in the house and our most comfortable zone. Inside this room, our bed side table, that one that is the closer to us when we sleep is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. This is because it’s where we keep our most important objects. Or if not the most important, at least, it is where we keep the ones we use everyday: that amazing book we are reading, our hand cream, our night notes, etc. This is why today we will present to you 10 very interesting and very creative alternatives you can have instead of the traditional and boring Bed Side Table.

The Frank Bed Side table comes directly out of a surreal world, a dream, taking on a variety on a variety of luxurious finishes. This exclusive nightstand features some of Boca do Lobo’s finest veneers, and design details, and in a unique clash of aesthetics and tones, maintains practicality, making it perfect to keep some of your most personal belongings.

Another very interesting bed side table. This one is not so practical because it doesn’t have a place to keep your belonging but it will most certainly stand out in your entire bedroom.

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If you are a cat lover, this is the perfect Bed Side Table for you. Basically you can use this side table for everything, your books, your belongings, your towels, and yes your cat as well.

In a digital era, the pixel is king, described as the smallest single component of a digital image. Embracing real and virtual the Pixel Bed Side Table is ideal for those looking for a metallic ambiance in the bedroom. With two drawers it is perfect to keep your bedside books and computer or tablet coexist.

This is the best Bed Side Table for the laziest ones. You can have a side table and a dining table at the same time. Be prepared to never leave the bed.

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The Diamond, from the ancient greek term “unbreakable”, is inspired by precious stones and their discreet, yet powerful nature. Developed from one of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic designs, the Diamond Bed Side Table is ready to accommodate any bedside essentials, bringing real personality to the master bedroom.

A very simple Bed Side Table Idea. You can not keep many things here but it will look super original and creative next to your bed.

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Bed Side Table

Inspired in the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum, the Lapiaz Bed Side Table, is characterized by the idea of an underground effluence where luxury flows. Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz Bed Side Table boasts a unique golden interior, capable of filling any room with energy and life.

Another very creative idea you can use as an alternative to the common bed side table. It seems very small, but you can fit here many objects.

bed side table

Inspired by great musicians like Prokofiev, Mozart and Duke Ellington, the Symphony Bed Side Table, understands the past and interpreters it through contemporary design and cutting technology. This stunning piece brings the perfect design melody to the bedroom, with its trills and turns, making the bedroom experience into something of genius.

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