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How To Style A Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Today we are going to present you some creative ideas how to style a coffee table in your living room that will attract more guests to your comfortable place.

The coffee table will look better if you put some personal things on it as they are not just for your nightstand. A beloved piece of jewelry and momento, like this calligraphy bruhes, add flair that`s unique to you.

Your coffee table can shine with crystals in your living room. Crystals get an extra boost from glass accents like a bell jar cloche and magnifying glass. And what is the effect? A down to earth glimmer.

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It is possible also to plant Terrariums in the pot or some other plants and it is the best way to skip high-maintenance flowers and add some natural inspiration for you sitting room.


It is possible to use books as a lower base for the decoration of your glass table. Insted of stacking them , consider splaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top.

You can add also a mini bar, but this only works if you are dealing with ample-sized coffee table. But if so, why not designate a tray for a select stash of your prettiest barware and cocktail ingredients?

You can put some of your favourite books, decorative stones or some tray on your coffee table. The completely simple yet effective geometric move which is especially ideal for minimalists who still want their coffee table styling to make an impact.

When you have a lot of space on your table it can be tempting to overload it wit items, but as this table proves, a classic stack of books, vases and flowers is enough when you have a larger and unique piece of art to fill the space.


You can even put more boxes on your coffee table. Either way, boxes lend a major perk: no remote control in sight (but always within easy reach).


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