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Discover the New Coffee Table Design by Amarist Studio

The theme for this Coffee Table Design is money. This is the perfect article for the ones who enjoy design no matter the cost, literally. Scroll with us to discover some details of this fantastic coffee table design.


Discover the New Coffee Table Design by Amarist Studio

The Amarist Studio is based in Barcelona and was formed by the designers Arán Lozano and Clara Campo. The aim of the Studio is to create pieces capable of stimulating thought.


Discover the New Coffee Table Design by Amarist Studio

The Amarist studio likes to reflect on today’s international, cultural and economic conflicts. This coffee table design is a prime example of their work.


This intriguing coffee table is part of the ‘Too much?” series – an artwork that is meant to reflect the volatility of money as it’s true value.


This piece is made of a concrete structure and a glass urn that holds a pyramid of 50 euros bills. The table – II’ – captures the moment of combustion of the pile inside.


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The table is made so that a real flame is shown during the combustion so you can really capture the moment.

The most unbelievable thing about this table is that none of the materials are real. The concrete, the ashes, and the bills are made by a sculptured resin, paint, and paper.


The Studio claims that the most interesting thing about this piece is the variety of reactions from the people – which varies depending on their culture and background.


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