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The Most Amazing Gravity Defying Side Tables with Exclusive Designs

Have you ever felt like your living room lacks personality or isn’t bold enough? Today we want to share with you some side tables that might help you achieve the exclusive designs you desire. We want to show you some of the most amazing gravity-defying side tables with exclusive designs you can find.


The Most Amazing Gravity Deying Side Tables with Exclusive Designs


The Most Amazing Gravity Deying Side Tables with Exclusive Designs

Monet by Boca do Lobo is a side table with an acrylic base all the way to the top, which is made of polished brass. The brass is shaped like a piece of sliced tree, that seems to float.


The Most Amazing Gravity Deying Side Tables with Exclusive Designs


Newton by Boca do Lobo is a must in this list. The inspiration used to create this side table reveals an ancestral connection with nature and sophistication.


Prisma is a side table with a passionate design. The black lacquer finish hides the shapes creating a visual effect that differs when close by.


The Most Amazing Gravity Deying Side Tables with Exclusive Designs

Yasmine is a graceful side table with a leaf of plated aluminum on the side providing more weight to that side. The leaf blends with the table top creating an astonishing effect.


Agra is inspired by one of the most known building in the world the Tal Mahal. This marble side table is tall and thin, the bottom is barely larger than most of the table, this combination provides a gravity-defying piece.


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Latza is a combination, a balanced mixture of nature. This side table seems a pile of sliced rocks from the side, while from the top a wood surface is shown.


Jacobsen seems to contain the essence of Ying-yang within itself. The shape defies gravity while the curves transmit a sense of perpetual movement.


Konstantin embodies one word – modernity. This elegant piece achieves the necessary balance to stand by connection with side elements.


Duffy is a dynamic table. The waved shape provides a sense of movement while the solid color offers a contemporary design style.

Ralf has two tops made of marble, held by a brass golden arm. One can choose which side will face the top. It’s curious to note the exceptional design, marble is a heavy material, and being able to handle it so elegantly is a true display of skill.


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