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Fürstenberg Ideas To Decor Your Coffee And Side Tables

Since 1747 the name Fürstenberg has stood for unique craftsmanship and exclusive manufacturer’s porcelain. Over the course of time, renowned designers, modelers and porcelain painters have shaped the history of the manufactory founded by Duke Carl I of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel. The porcelain manufacturer develops service-sets that display a truly timeless quality, gifts, and objects, eatly and preciously manufactured. Their pieces are amazing decor items for coffee and side tables, among other kinds of furniture.


In our world, more and more people long for things which have been produced with great dedication and special care. Things coming from a true manufactory, where there are people doing what they love and who love what they do. So at Fürstenberg, it is still the case that one cup passes through 100 hands. The small intricacies are what tell of true craftsmanship, and what lends the porcelain its special value: double-walled vessels, the paper-thin inner and outer walls of which can only be put together by hand; decors that flow together underneath the handle; or gold decorations which run overboard (e.g. the edge of a cup) and which can only be hand-painted.

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Experience and intuition have always been particular strengths of Fürstenberg porcelain production – not only in the production of collection items. Skilled craftsmanship is required, especially when it is a matter of realizing individual customer requirements: from their own initials or the family coat of arms, individual decorations, or specially manufactured porcelain shapes or objects.

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