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Plants To Decorate Your Coffee Table According To Your Zodiac Sign

Indoor plants can bring a whole new energy to your home. Find the one that bonds with your zodiac sign and bring to your home decor the power of stars within the force of nature.


Aries: Orchid

Aries are known for being ambitious and fearless, they never give up and can be the most spontaneous zodiac sign. Orchids are a distinctive type of flower that is also one of the most diverse, just like an energetic aries. The perfect flower for a side table that can never be boring.



Taurus: Cacti

Known as plants that thrive on neglect, Cacti is the best choice to a taurus: pratical and stable. This home plant doesn’t need a lot of water, but since it grows on deserts, it might need a little sun from time to time.



Gemini: Philodendron

Gemini represents two different personalities so the ability to adapt it’s one of their best qualities. Just like them, Philodendron are easy to care for houseplants that need very little attention, adapting to any environment. A perfect addiction to your interior design for their unique coloring leaves.


Cancer: Peace Lily

Cancer is very emotional and sensitive, they care deeply about matters of the family and their home. Known for caring about their beloved ones, Peace Lily is the perfect plant to them, in addiction to the obvious beauty and elegance that it lends to home decor, it was also included in the list of top air filtering plants in a NASA study.



Leo: Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Leo love to steal the spotlight, they are know for being “drama queens” and to be one of the most creative zodiac signs. This home plant has voluminious leaves and a tall trunk that makes any coffee table worth of your attention.



Virgo: Aloe Vera Plant

Virgos are pratical but edgy. Aloe Vera it’s just the same. This indoor plant is the perfect addiction between a fashion statement and function: with a very clean look but also functional medicinal properties.



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Libra: Snake Plant

Sociable and good-natured, Libra’s best friend would be a Snake Plant: extremely easy to care for, doesn’t need a lot of water neither sun. A low-maintenance plant it’s the best for such a social earth sign. 


Scorpio: Palm Tree

Scorpios are passionate and exuberant, resembling a tropical Palm Tree. These plants require a little more work than others, but they are worth the incredible results in your home decor.


Saggitarius: Passion Flower

Adventurous and passionate about life, this flower has a fierce color that can’t be missed by someone with such a strong personality.



Capricorn: Chinese Evergreen

A Chinese evergreen is the perfect decorative house plant that requires minimal care wich is the best for a workaholic like Capricorns. The robust plant is easy-to-grow and adapts to just about every indoor condition.



Aquarius: Air Plant

This plants can be grown in various types of homes, perfect for a experimental and daring Aquarius. Styled with the right pieces, it can be a statement in any coffee table.


Pisces: Juniper Bonsai Tree

Pisces bonds perfectly with a Bonsai Tree: immeasurable imagination and creativity which harmonizes beautifully with this home plant’s symbolism of peace  and balance.


Plants To Decorate Your Coffee Table According To Your Zodiac Sign

Source: Elle Decor

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