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Play Games, Surf The Web And More With This Arcade Coffee Table

Passionate about retro games and fantastic and stylish coffee tables? This Arcade Coffee Table might just be the perfect piece of furniture for your living room! We present Nucleus by Sobro.

Have you ever imagined a gaming table embedded into a modern coffee table? It’s a dream come true for many people and Sobro made it a reality!

Arcade Coffee Table

Building a creative, innovative and a most-wanted coffee table it’s a hard task to do but Sobro seems to have genious ideas to share. This unique coffee table allows everyone to play nostalgic games such as Mortal Kombat, Space invaders, Spy Hunter, Arch Rivals and a lot more titles.

Arcade Coffee Table

The joystick and the rest of the controls are in a hideaway drawer which slides in and out with the panel in it.

In the following picture it might seem a regular coffee table but there’s some magic that’s hidden inside the table. It’s stylish and phenomenal.

Arcade Coffee Table

So you better be prepared to emphasize your living room with more fun and make your interior design a fantastic and desired place for everyone to be in!

Arcade Coffee Table

You can play the inumerous games with your family, friends and of course your most wanted partner! Share excitement and spend hours of entertainment with this black coffee table!

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Besides the retro games available, this table offers more that you could imagine. It has a Windows operating system with Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you browse the web, play your favorite musics and stream the Netflix shows that you love. Amazing, right?

Crisp audio and visuals are delivered via two 30 watt speakers, a 130 mm woofer, and an ultra-wide 32″ LCD display embedded into the unit’s tinted glass top. An HDMI-out port can also connect to your living room television.

All of this awesomeness is contained in a real wood frame, available in solid walnut, solid oak and birch ply with gloss black side panels.

In the next image we can see Suzi Perry testing this arcade coffee table with some fun.

It’s a perfect fit for your living room and kids will love to spend their time with unique and nostalgic games. Embrace this exclusive design into your space.

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