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Alberto Bellamoli’s Terrazzo Coffee Tables

This project was a commemoration of the designer’s roots and heritage. Terrazzo was inspired by a small valley between the mountains in the north of Italy close to Verona.

This creation of coffee and side tables by the Italian designer Alberto Bellamoli has amazing, rounded expression. Starting with many-colored marble spots and going through the rounded shapes of the silhouette, the tables completely enhance the beauty and unique character of the stone.


This project has a fascinating combination of shapes, the cubic column and circular base combined create a dynamic and unique design expression amazingly adapted for you to have a one-of-a-kind living room design. The patterns are made by placing marble offcuts into cement, a durable combination with a beautiful vivid aesthetic.


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“I worked all along the production chain: selecting the proper stone from the waste of marble quarry, process them with the marble chips producer, find the right mixture with the terrazzo company, and produce the pieces together with marble manufactures.”



This project is mostly composed of scraps of marble, one of the most common flooring materials and also used as a construction and finishes material in buildings. The Terrazzo table has two different concepts, it can be used for outdoor and indoor design. This adaptation to both atmospheres is due to the fact that marble is a very durable material and it will remain flawlessly untouched for a very long time. The colorful and playful tabletop is thoroughly made of electro-galvanized steel coated with a powder coat for outdoor use, this material is still pretty much handcrafted where craftsmen get their hand really dirty to produce such pieces with a beautiful and artistic appearance for your room design.




“Not so many people know that the main terrazzo production is still based here in the original area where the material has been used since centuries. It’s because terrazzo needs a community of small companies that work together all along the production chain and support each other to produce terrazzo.”


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