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A Contemporary Home That Perfectly Blends Classic And Modern Design

The French interior designer Stéphanie Coutas transformed this 300-meter apartment in Paris into a white and contemporary home full of antiques and art pieces with great value for its owners and with a truly modern design.

The interior designer, who grew up in Hong Kong, has opted for a very unique and sophisticated modern design with neoclassical and contemporary influences. The owner made only one requirement that light colors predominate and to integrate an ancient Syrian furniture, a gift from her father, a well-known antique specialist from the Middle East.


Stéphanie Coutas focused on how to introduce the modern furniture and antiques of her client into this white canvas. Once the organization of the spaces was finished, the rest of the pieces were designed.


However, colorful touches were added to surprise and create a unique and warm environment. In the contemporary living room, is a mix of modern design pieces and antique pieces from Syria.

The interior designer worked with the young artist Joseph Walsh (chosen with the client) who made the dining table and chairs tailor-made, transforming this space into an opulent and eclectic room, there is a stunning Greek sculpture and hand-embroidered works dating back to the 16th century, that perfectly depict a classic and modern design atmosphere.

At the modern entryway, the sculpture in the shape of a foot is by Louis Durot, a white and black work by Pedro Reyes are statement pieces that reflect the owner’s unique taste for art. The refined lines, white and beige dominate in all areas of the apartment.

In the bathroom, Calacatta marble was used, giving color with a Balloon Dog orange by Jeff Koons.

The combination of an ultra contemporary Look and works and antique furniture, this floor is like no other.

Modern Design

Modern Design


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