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This Stunning Wooden Coffee Table will Bend your mind

Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris has created a stunning wooden coffee table that seems to bend reality itself.

Mousarris’ past creations include a couch made from a folded rug and a tiered chair made of both wood and glass.

For his latest masterpiece, Mousarris drew inspiration from the 2010 Christopher Nolan blockbuster “Inception,” in which an entire skyline gets upheaved and folded over. And the name of this jewel is “Wave City Coffee Table.

coffee table


coffee table

The stunning coffee table looks identical to the wave city imagined by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the movie.

The Inception movie took viewers into a world where dreams could be manipulated and controlled by the sleeper.

The scene referenced by the designer is the one where the main characters – played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page – realize they have the power to bend dreams according to the their will, defying the laws of gravity and reason.

The table, completed using wood combined with steel and 3D printing technology.

The piece illustrates an urban skyline scattered with skyscrapers that seemingly lifts into the air and finally folds back onto itself in a single, continuous curve. A series of meticulously carved buildings add a sense of realism to the otherwise surreal design object, which carefully balances on the lower section of the street.

Mousarris says the wave city table is mostly inspired by natural waves, with the film playing a subconscious role influencing the design.

The stunning coffee table has a brother.

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Also made from wood, steel, and by 3D printing, this table became a second edition, capturing the film’s noir vibe with a matte black finish.

Source: Stelios Mousarris

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