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Best Materials for Your Coffee and Side Tables

Living rooms are places where we rest and renew our energy after a hard working day. Therefore, it should convey feelings of comfort and lightness. This cannot be done without great furniture pieces. While sofas are usually the ones to be chosen first, we also should not forget about the importance of coffee and side tables. So let’s see what table materials will be best for your living room design.


Leather coffee and side tables

side tables

It is believed that leather is only good for sofas or armchairs. However, we want to break the rules and suggest this material for coffee tables as well. No matter whether it is just a leather top or whole leather upholstered item – it will look equally stylish and fresh.


Glass table

Glass material is a classic option when it comes to coffee and side tables. Nevertheless, it does not mean that it is ordinary and boring. Just go for elegant pieces with creative details, such as this table.


Ceramic coffee and side tables

side tables

If you are looking for a bright example of modern design, ceramic is a great choice. It is usually used for different home decor ideas and will look just as perfect for your table.


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Acrylic coffee and side tables

Although acrylic is similar to glass in terms of elegance and lightness, this material might be better for your contemporary furniture as it is more practical and modern.


Rattan for your coffee and side tables

Rattan has been used for outside furniture for a long time. However, nowadays it is interesting to apply what seems to be unsuitable materials for indoor sets as well. Try it for your coffee and side tables, and you will not regret it for a second!


Gold material for coffee tables

Gold leaf finish on coffee and side tables convert them into exquisite luxury objects. It will definitely not fail to catch your guests’ attention and amaze them!


Upholstered coffee and side tables

You cannot deny that textile upholstery adds softness and thus, comfort, to your home furniture, and isn’t it exactly what you need?


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