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Cabinets That Will Give An Unforgettable Style To Your Home

The cabinets, besides the luxurious decoration, present their functionality with all the glamour possible, giving a new upgrade and charm to your home.

Pixel Cabinet

Your home will have a new look with this piece, a mix of bright colors and lots of elegance. This pixel is one of our best-selling pieces, and very precious to us, based on the work of our talented craftsmen, who work hard every day to give their best, providing a great atmosphere to your home. This piece have 1088 triangles handmade leaf gilding triangles with ten different types of wood leafs.

Lapiaz Cabinet

Lapiaz cabinet features a big style, with different types of color, and even being able to be customized, so you have no excuse how this piece would not fit in your home. A piece based on contemporary design and inspired by authentic karst formations. Its beauty is not only on the outside, as soon as you open its doors and drawers you are confronted with an imperfectly perfect hammered gold. All its work sing elegance, beauty, and contemporaneity.


Symphony Cabinet

The stunning Symphony Cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music and reflects the image of various eras and styles of music. Handcrafted from the famous brass, it will give a shine that screams luxury, and charm. This piece will move you with emotion, just like the melody of a beautiful song.

Heritage Cabinet

Portugal is traditionally known for its beautiful and detailed tiles, which require time-consuming work, but are proudly made by the Portuguese. The Heritage Cabinet is thus a mirage of the Portuguese legacy and their talent, this piece covered in tiles representing the typical traditional. It has as some of its inspirations the country’s Age of Discovery. Opening its doors as always, it never disappoints, these shine gold with a technique well known from Boca do Lobo. Its customization can bring you to perfection, in the center of your home.

Oporto Cabinet

Inspired by the Invicta city, in the rhythmic undulation of the roofs that make up the heritage, and the facades of the buildings that give life to the city. The piece seeks several reactions, such as irony, drama and extravagance, in its constitution that portrays it so well, luxury as an addition clearly.

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