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Behind The Scenes: Making Of the Eden Center Table

It’s time to take you deeper into the concept behind the Eden Center Table. Every piece of art, no matter how innovative and new to the eye of the beholder contains inspiration, contains the touch of something that was the seed of its creation – even if the artist isn’t aware of the influence he gets. We know what inspired Eden to be born, it was the mystic behind the name itself.


Behind The Scenes: Making Of the Eden Center Table

The Eden center table is the representation of a segment of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire.


For this piece to be made Boca do Lobo made sure the highest quality materials and textures were used.


Behind The Scenes: Making Of the Eden Center Table

The shapes provided in through the gold plated melted metal helps create a cosmopolitan luxury environment.


Behind The Scenes: Making Of the Eden Center Table

The delicately engraved top reveals the heart of the golden tree, making it look so real that it seems petrified in gold.


In terms of design is easy to see that this a unique piece, but, it is also a unique display of superior craftsmanship and technique.



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Eden Center Table is a piece that truly carries Boca do Lobo philosophy of challenging the past through the future.



The melted aluminum that gives life to this table can be found with a copper leaf, silver leaf, gold leaf and even in the intriguing black lacquered aluminum finish.




It can also be found in a more natural connection. With a mahogany structure, enhancing the already present wood appearance.


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